We have pressing machinery for a variety of compounded, complex shapes and sizes. This includes extreme deep pressing and this is a Kato Co. Ltd speciality. Our techniques avoid wrinkles, strains and cracks to produce a smooth, fault-free finish.Compound deep pressing and minimised process operations yield cost savings to our clients.

Company Capabilities

Round Pressing

Precise and smooth conical or tapered shapes to a high standard of finish and precision.

>> Round Pressing

Square Pressing

Flat angular pressing to a high level of precision

>> Square Pressing

Complex 3-Dimensional Shapes

Whilst you may think it impossible, we are often able to provide a pressed solution to your requirements like the one shown in the illustration here-

>> Irregular Deep Pressing

Ultra Complex Shapes

We have the expertise needed to press ultra complex shapes to our usual high standards.

>> Difficult Pressings

Aluminium Deep Compound Pressing

Soft materials like Aluminium often present difficulties yet we are able to provide a smooth and accurate finish for deep pressed Aluminium shapes.

>>Aluminium Deep Pressings

Stainless Deep Compound Pressing

We are accomplished at producing fault-free deep pressings of hard materials such as stainless steel.

>> Stainless Deep Pressing

Merits of Compound Pressing

  1. Complex shapes are possible with a minimum number of operations.
  2. Smooth, fault-free objects can be made to a high level precision and finish.
  3. The amount of material needed can be kept to a minimum providing economic benefits to the client.
  4. High levels of precision and accuracy are possible with a minimum number of operations.
  5. Reduced manufacturing operations generally.
  6. Reduced costs generally.

The most difficult aspect of pressing is compound pressing but if you have an extensive inventory of moulding machinery and a rational work-flow, as we do, you can make a large variety of high quality products at lowered costs.

KATO MFG.CO.,LTD. Has both high quality opposition hydraulic pressing machinery and proven expertise concerning rational shop-floor production lines. We constantly adapt and upgrade both as markets and the requirements of clients shift. The name of KATO MFG.CO.,LTD. has become synonymous with the best Deep Pressing services available.