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Irregular Deep Pressing

Process reduction with increased quality
and possible savings.

Process Reduction (with cost savings).

The products displayed are all deep-pressings. Each shape is achieved with one mould and one pressing. Hence moulding yields cost savings.

Plate Thickness:1.25mm

Improved Quality (with cost savings)

This complex shape was thought to be impossible by pressing alone. Now, with out techniques, it is quite possible for shapes such as these irregular deep pressings to be made at KATO MFG.CO.,LTD.

Plate Thickness:1.4mm

Soft materials like aluminium present certain difficulties in the press. After pressing stretching may have resulted in a variation in the thickness of the plate making up the item. However, our techniques keep the thickness uniform and true to fine levels of tolerance.

Plate Thickness:1.5mm

Improved formability and composition with resultant cost savings.

Forming shapes comprised of round and square sections can be pressed in the same operation. Hence joining such sections to form the shape is not required again achieving process cost savings.
Deep-pressing gives increased design solutions and options.

Plate Thickness:0.8mm